13-15 JUNE 2014
1° Exhibition of Italian
Machinery and Equipment
for the Agricultural
Mechanization of Albania


The 1st edition of the Eima South East Europe exposition of Italian machinery and equipment for agricultural mechanization in Albania is set for 13 to 15 June in Tirana.

The exposition is divided into two separate events for the purpose of providing visitors and businesspeople in the sector the opportunity to gain an appreciation of the offerings. The first is a static exhibition of machinery and equipment in the Pallati i Kongreseve (Congress Hall) in Tirana on 13 and 14 June. The second is a day, 15 June, of mechanization demonstration trials in the field of most of the machines exhibited staged on the University of Tirana Experimental Farm near the airport serving the capital.

Thanks to its geographic location Albania is a window giving onto the neighboring Balkan countries expected to send a large number of delegations of business people to Eima South East Europe.

The review has been organized by FederUnacoma surl, the service division within the Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, FederUnacoma, in collaboration with EKR (Enti KombetarRural), the Albanian agency representing the leading associations in the sector associated with agriculture, the Albanian Ministry of Agriculture, the Tirana Agrarian University and Polytechnic, the Levante and Zaragoza Trade Fair Agencies and the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari.

FederUnacoma brings to the exposition the federation's great experience in the organization of trade fair events in the sector. Two of these leading appointments are the Eima International exposition of agricultural and gardening machinery and equipment held in Italy beginning in 1969 and the Eima Show of agricultural mechanization demonstration trials run in various countries since 1992.

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