13-15 JUNE 2014
1° Exhibition of Italian
Machinery and Equipment
for the Agricultural
Mechanization of Albania

Schedule of meetings and conferences

Thursday 12 June

10.00 am

National Conference on
Competitiveness and Compatibility for Quality Agriculture in Albania

Alban Zusi, Albanian Viceminister for Agriculture

Hon. Ilir Meta, Albanian Parliamentary Speaker
Massimo Gaiani, Italian Ambassador in Tirana


Albanian strategy for competitive and sustainable agriculture
Edmond Panariti, Albanian Minister for Agriculture

Collaboration of the Italian Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policy: synergies involving the European Union
Representative Italian Ministry for Forestry Policy

The potential of CIHEAM to benefit Albanian agriculture
Cosimo Lacirignola, CIHEAM Secretary General

Territorial cooperation in support of competitiveness for Albanian agriculture
Majlind Lazimi, Deputy Minister for European Integration
Bernardo Notarangelo, Italian Puglia Region Representative

EIMA South-East Europe: 1st Exposition of Italian machinery and equipment for mechanization in Albania
Massimo Goldoni, FederUnacoma President

Monika Kryemadhi, Regional MP.

Friday 13 June

11.00 am

Eima South East Europe Inauguration
Albanian Minister for Agriculture, Italian Ambassador, Italian Ministry for Agriculture Representative, IAM-B Director, University of Bari Representative.

12.00 pm

National Conference on Agriculture organized by EKR - National Rural Agency
Albanian Minister for Agriculture, Italian Ambassador, FederUnacoma President, EKR President, Italian Ministry for Agriculture Representative, Universities of Bari and Tirana Representatives.

1:30 pm

FederUnacoma (Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers) Press Conference
Massimo Goldoni and Marco Acerbi, President and Federation Events Director

Saturday 14 June

12.00 pm

Conference for presentation of University of Bari and IAM-B study: Compatibility of Agricultural Machinery and Plant for Italian Agro-Industry In Albanian Territory
Representatives from Universities of Bari and Tirana, IAM-B, FederUnacoma and EKR.

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